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About MHS

Educational Approach


Millennium High School (MHS) is a small, self-contained alternative high school in Piedmont Unified School District. We serve a broad cross-section of students with diverse learning styles, proficiency levels, and personal needs. Students at MHS complete the same graduation requirements as students at Piedmont High School. The MHS curriculum is aligned with Content Standards for California Public Schools, and our courses satisfy UC “a-g” admission requirements. MHS builds a supportive and independent educational community, with an array of educational options and instructional strategies not readily available in traditional classrooms. We support students to achieve their full potential and meet their self-defined academic, career, and life goals. Most MHS graduates pursue higher education at community colleges or four-year colleges and universities.

Students at MHS are challenged in small, interactive, non-competitive classes. Instruction is individualized, and students work until mastery is achieved.  Opportunities are provided for experiential learning, self-directed projects, small group discussions, tutorials, community-based learning, service-learning, interdisciplinary and multiple intelligences instruction, flexible scheduling, and personal counseling.

MHS has developed a unique “community-building approach to education” guided by our  four principles: Respect, Impact, Skills, Engage. We agree to respect each other, recognizing our diverse backgrounds and learning styles are a strength, not a weakness. We teach students to be aware of both their intent and their impact on the school and broader community and take responsibility for it.  We support students in fully developing their academic and social abilities so that they can succeed after high school.  We empower our students to courageously take ownership of their personal growth and future.

We RISE together!

RESPECT:  Honor yourself, your commitments and your environment.

IMPACT:  Recognize your responsibilities within the community.

SKILLS:  Develop the academic and social abiliites to achieve success.

ENGAGE:  Courageiously take ownership of your personal growth and future.

Hear from our students!


MHS students interviewed by the middle school broadcasting class.

MHS Students talk about their school in this student-produced video

MHS strives to establish a supportive, democratic, and empowered learning community inside the classroom that will ultimately help meet the needs of the broader community through active, positive community involvement.

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